Soup Kitchen

By , November 30, 2010 8:28 pm


Lombard Central’s Soup Kitchen serves hot meals from 10 AM until 11 AM, every  Thursday and Friday from September through June. Doors open at 8 AM with coffee and tea.

From 9:45 AM to 10 AM 15 Minutes of Power: Proclamation of The Word

Providing monthly Care Packages upon request

Available Services

HIV Testing through the cooperation of  “Neighborhood Against Drugs”

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8 Responses to “Soup Kitchen”

  1. Sean says:


    My name is Sean and I was wondering if there was any availability to volunteer to help at your soup kitchen. If so, please let me know how I can become involved. I have included my e-mail in the designated field above.


  2. Connie Lin says:

    Dear Lombard Central Presbyterian Soup Kitchen,

    My classmates and I are part of community service clubs at Drexel University and are interested in volunteering at the soup kitchen this year. It would be great if we could set up a day and time in which we could come as a group to volunteer.

    Being associated with Drexel University’s community service clubs, Global Brigades Architecture and Freedom By Design, we would like to give students the opportunity to interact and give back to the communities, both locally and internationally.
    Global Brigades Architecture is a club that travels to Honduras for one week to empower communities in need and work side by side families to design and build them a home.
    Freedom By Design is a club that does various design/build projects in the greater philadelphia area for those in need of architectural assistance. The students involved in this clubs are very enthusiastic and engaged with community involvement.

    I hope it will be possible for us to volunteer in the next month or so. I’m looking forward to working with you!

    Thank you,
    Connie Lin

  3. Dinah Young says:

    My children and I would like to come and help serve in the soup kitchen…484-995-4175

  4. Amber Zafar says:

    Hi. A group of friends and I would like to come in to the soup kitchen to volunteer and help out. Is there any process for doing this or should we just come in and help? There would be five of us total. If you would have us, and would like to tell us when we may come help, please do so. Thank you!

  5. Anna says:

    Dear Amber, I apologize for the delay in response. If you are still interested in volunteering we would love to have you. How many of you would come? what date would you like to come. we are here every thursday and friday until the end of June 8 Am to 11 Am

  6. Anna says:

    Hi Dinah, I apologize for the delay in the reply. We would like to have your help. We are here every thursday and friday until June. You can call us at 215-222-3044. I have your number and will also contact you. Pastor Anna Grant

  7. Anna says:

    Hi Connie, We would like to have you come and volunteer. We are here every thursday and friday until June. You may call us at 215-222-3044 or email me at

  8. Anna says:

    Hi Sean, I truly apologize for the delay in response. We would be happy to have you come volunteer. You may send me an email at to let me know which thursday or friday you wouls like to come. Pastor Anna Grant.

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